typically we provide branding, web design and search engine marketing as a whole digital marketing package for our clients. here are some of our best examples...


route finding system

public transportation is not just distance computing from a point to b point. it’s very complex and very large possibility and very challenge like spider world. Zpider can do that.


government management system

government website is required for an enterprise content management system that very powerful, very secured and very professional. RAD can do that.


tourism platform

tourism business can make income for country and also for the business. they need a software to facilitate and convince tourist to come. Goozmorning can do that.



e-certification process is required for work flow software management. it’s required very high performance and flexibility to change and adapt to organization procedures. Zertify can do that.


e-marketplace software solution

e-marketplace software is a total e-commerce solution.
it is designed to facilitate those who want to build multi-merchant online shops solution. It can provide product catalogue, sale and marketing campaign and payment method with security compliance. Zopping can do that.


mobile news clipping

mobile News Clipping is pulled system information and organization news from all over the world. by using specific keyword which is defined in system. it capable to contain users through mobile phone which is much more comfortable and able to use anywhere anytime.


voice of customer

Voize of customer is an online system that able to claim and suggestion from customers. by leaving a messages and received a claim number for track the progress. also, it able to claim directly through chat box. moreover, it able to be as an online estimate system. lastly, Voice of customer is able to use both on website and mobile.


intranet communication system

intranet communication system is an organization system that various shows organization info such as news, declare and statistics. also able to be a tool for communicate in organization such as online chat, blog and personal messaging.